Treatments for Halitosis

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Is bad breath ruining your lifestyle and your social life? Do you ever find yourself feeling uncomfortable with smiling or speaking in public due to fears that your breath is not up to the standards you expect? Even if you continually use mouthwash or clean your mouth on a daily basis, bad breath can still arise if it is due to underlying risk factors beyond the foods you eat. Numerous causes of bad breath that can often be difficult to remove include the following:

– Bad breath can result from toothaches or gum disease.
– Dentures can contribute to bad breath if they have not been cleaned each night properly.
– You may have underlying issues in your body that are contributing to your bad breath including liver problems, kidney problems, and respiratory tract issues. All of these ailments must be dealt with in order to eradicate bad breath from arising.
– Medications often include dry mouth as a side effect. Dry mouth is a known contributor of bad breath as a decrease in saliva will cause an increase in plaque build-up.
– Unhealthy lifestyle habits including smoking and chewing tobacco can contribute to bad breath.
– Poor oral hygiene that results from plaque buildup on your teeth can cause bad breath.

To prevent bad breath, make sure you are following the proper treatment techniques for a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. If you would like Dr. Ravi Aulakh and our team at AZ Dental to bring you in for an oral exam or professional cleaning, please contact our dentist office in Sunnyvale, California, by calling us at 408-738-1000. We look forward to keeping your oral health in pristine condition.