When you have gum disease and your gums begin to recede, pockets will form around your teeth. In these pockets, bacteria can build up and feed your infection, causing it to get worse. If you have gum disease and have pockets, we invite you to visit AZ Dental for pocket irrigation in Sunnyvale, California. During this effective treatment, Dr. Bui cleans out your gum pockets and help restore your oral health. Contact us today at 408-738-1000 to schedule your appointment with our talented and gentle periodontist.

Sometimes known as oral irrigation, pocket irrigation is a common and effective treatment for periodontal disease. As gum disease progresses, your gums begin to recede, exposing your tooth’s roots. Receding gums often cause pockets to form around your teeth and provide a spot for plaque and bacteria to build up. This can lead to additional issues that can further damage your gums, your teeth, and even your jaw bone.

To clean out your gum pockets, our periodontist will use a pocket irrigator. This is a small, handheld tool with a needle-like tip. A pocket irrigator sprays water through this tip, pinpointing your pockets and spraying water in a controlled area. In most cases, a pocket irrigator is used in conjunction with other periodontal treatments, including surgery to reduce the depth of your pockets. Our periodontist may also use pocket irrigators during your more routine visits to help remove food, plaque, and additional bacteria between the teeth. When using pocket irrigators to clean our gum pockets, we can help reduce the amount of permanent damage that your mouth receives.

Pocket irrigation can also be done at home. There are many tools similar to a pocket irrigator, such as a water pick or waterjet. If our periodontist feels that you could benefit from more frequent pocket irrigation treatments, she may recommend that you perform them at home. Doing so could help maintain and improve your condition and oral health. Please feel free to call or visit our office if you are interested in learning more.