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Many patients experience fear or anxiety when they visit the dentist, or even think about their next dental appointment. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Our team at AZ Dental understands that may people have dental anxiety and fear in Sunnyvale, California, and we want to do everything we can to help you feel safe and comfortable during your appointment. There are several ways that you can overcome your dental fears, and Drs. Hashemi, Lee, McDonald, and Sheth will help you find the right one. We welcome you to contact our office at 408-738-1000 and schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns with our caring dentists.

Experiencing dental fears or anxiety is common among many dental patients. Many people picture someone in a while lab coat with a drill, just waiting to cause pain. However, the reality of the dentist is quite opposite. Our team are considerate of our patients’ feelings and concerns, and we strive to work with you in a compassionate and personal way to help you feel comfortable.

To help you overcome your dental fears and anxiety, our dentists may recommend trying one or more of the following solutions:

  • Talk to your dentist: as much as we try to make you comfortable, we cannot read your mind and know what makes you worried. Although it may be difficult to discuss your fears with a stranger, doing so will allow our dentist and team to take extra precautions to ensure your comfort.
  • Listen to music: bringing your own music player or using headphones while sitting in the dental chair can distract you from your treatment and block out any uncomfortable noises.
  • Agree on a signal: our dentist cannot know if you are in pain during a procedure unless you say so. By agreeing on a “stop” signal, our dentist can ensure that you remain comfortable.
  • Use throat spray: if you have a sensitive gag reflex, try using a throat spray. Two or three sprays can help control your gag reflex for about an hour. Some common brands of throat sprays include Vicks® and Chloraseptic®.
  • Take a mirror: some dental fears come from not being able to see what the dentist is doing. Bringing a mirror can and watching the procedure can help keep reality in full view.
  • Sedation: if no other relaxation methods work, our dentists offer several sedation options that can be used for the duration of your procedure.
  • Ask about alternatives: advanced dental technology allows our dentists to perform procedures in a more comfortable, efficient, and pain-free manner. Ask about our various options to see if one of them will result in minimal anxiety.

If you have any questions about what you can expect during your dental procedure and how you can overcome your dental fears, we welcome you to call or visit our practice today. We are here to help give you a positive experience.

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