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Cracked tooth syndrome can be an extremely painful condition, and it is one that should be treated right away. In some cases, cracked teeth are difficult to notice during your routine dental exam. However, AZ Dental has a highly-trained and skilled endodontist who can help located your cracked tooth and provide treatment to ease your discomfort. If you think that you may have a cracked tooth in Sunnyvale, California, we welcome you to contact us at 408-738-1000 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Anastasios Photopoulos to get the care you need and deserve.

When someone experiences a cracked tooth, it is often referred to as cracked tooth syndrome. There are several different types of cracked teeth, each causing a different degree of pain and requiring varying degrees of treatment. Tooth cracks can range anywhere from one that is too small to even appear on an X-ray to cracks that extend all the way to your tooth’s roots. Cracked teeth can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint, but the pain and side effects will still be present. Some of the symptoms of a cracked tooth to look out for include:

  • Pain you cannot explain while eating
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth pain without a noticeable source
  • Difficulty locating the exact location of the pain

The type of cracked tooth you have determines the treatment you will receive. Minor cracks may require only a filling or some dental bonding. If the crack extends into or around the crown of your tooth (the portion above your gum line), or if part of your tooth breaks off, our endodontist may restore your tooth with a dental crown. When a crack extends to your roots, or if the crack is only in your roots, it is typically treated with a root canal. In extreme cases, a tooth extraction may also be necessary.

No matter your condition, our endodontist is trained and equipped to help locate your cracked tooth and provide the treatment that fits your situation and restores your comfort and oral health. We welcome you to call or visit our practice with any questions or concerns.

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