Tongue Scrapers: The Way to a Cleaner Tongue

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Do you ever feel that your tongue is just… dirty? If so, a tongue scraper can be your new best friend! A tongue scraper is a handy tool that comes in all shapes and sizes. When you stroke it over the tongue, from the back to the front, it cleans the surface and helps you and your oral health in many ways. Today, our dentists, Drs. Kevin Hashemi, Heidi Lee, Andrew McDonald, and Nipa Sheth, would like to tell you all about tongue scrapers so you can know if it’s the right oral hygiene tool for you.

Many people use tongue scrapers to boost their oral health and even freshen their breath, which is exactly what it does. When you use the tongue scraper, it removes the countless amounts of bacteria on your tongue. These bacteria tend to create volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath, and these bacteria also tend to promote plaque buildup, which can cause cavities and gum disease. So, the more often you remove the bacteria, the better!

When using the tongue scraper, rinse the tool before you place it on the tongue. You want to clean your tongue with a clean tool, right? Then, place the scraper at the back of the tongue. When you’re ready, slowly move the tool forward, toward the tip of the tongue. You might be able to see the scraper remove a film and other bacteria. Make sure to stroke the center and both sides of the tongue to thoroughly clean the surface. When you’re done, rinse the scraper and put it in a safe place.

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