The Hallmarks of Dental Anxiety

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One of the biggest obstacles that keep individuals from having a super smile is the fear of going to the dentist for checkups and cleanings. This condition is known as dental anxiety. Although it is highly common, dental anxiety is treatable with numerous techniques to help you stay stress-free while at the dentist.

Many individuals are affected by sounds and noises they may hear at the dentist office. Even the sound of an electric tool is enough to put people into a deep anxiety. If you do suffer from dental anxiety, speak with your dentist so they can help assist you with various therapies, including calming music and relaxing sounds to alleviate tensions you may feel.

You can also help prepare yourself before you enter the office. This includes practicing meditative therapies such as yoga. You can also try squeezing therapy balls are fidget spinners to help you overcome any anxiety you may feel before or during treatments. Breathing practices including breathing slowly and deeply can also help you relieve stress.

If you continue to feel anxiety despite numerous techniques and methods, or if you’re afraid of pain, your dentist can prescribe you a local anesthetic. Numerous forms of sedation may be available to help you deal with pain and anxiety so your trip to the office can be relaxing and comfortable.

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