Take Care of Your Teeth with Dental Sealants

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If you are looking for a highly effective tooth restoration treatment to guard your smile against the dangers of dental erosion, look no further than dental sealants. Dental sealants are highly effective substances that are painted onto the chewing surfaces of teeth to provide an added barrier against acid erosion. Dental sealants can help protect teeth from harmful acids that would normally chew through tooth enamel.

If you wish to improve your oral health care, always look for ways to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. This includes preventing dental erosion and tooth decay from eating through your tooth enamel. In order protect your tooth enamel, it’s always a good idea to eat a healthy diet that is high in minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which can help rebuild your enamel. Furthermore, dental sealants can be applied to your teeth and help add an additional layer of protection.

Dental sealants go on clear to allow your dentist to be able to determine if any damage is occurring underneath. In addition, they can help lower your risk for tooth decay by as much as 80%. They’re extremely durable and can often last over 10 years before replacements may be need

Because children are often the most susceptible to dental damage and tooth decay, dental sealants can be extremely beneficial. Dental sealants are placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth, usually in the back, such as on the premolars and molars and can be safely placed on children as soon as their first molars begin to arise. This typically occurs around the age of 6. According to the CDC, children with sealants are 3 times less likely to suffer from dental damage in the form of tooth decay and cavities on protected teeth.

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