Reverse Poor Oral Hygiene with Tooth Hazard Prevention

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Are you aware of the oral health risk associated with tooth hazards? Beyond cleaning your smile and preventing microscopic damage in the form of tooth decay, it is important to exercise caution with physical risk in your life that can arise due to daily activities. To keep your smile safe, exercise caution with all tooth hazard risks.

Several tooth hazard risks can destroy your smile in seconds if you are not careful. This includes chewing on products that are not meant to be chewed on. Ice and cough drops are extremely hard products that may seem harmless on their surface, but in reality, they can cause severe dental damage. To help protect your smile, avoid biting into hard products such as ice or cough drops.

To help keep your smile safe from tooth hazards and other risks that can arise anytime, consider having a mouth guard fashioned for your teeth. This can help prevent teeth from getting chipped or knocked out easily. For additional help with any oral appliances you may need, contact our dentists.

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