An Oral Injury May Cause a Delayed Toothache

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Have you suffered a fairly recent blow to the face? Perhaps it was something with seemingly minor repercussions. Several days later, however, you may have a toothache and wonder why. It could be connected to the blow.

You see, sometimes a blow to the face can affect the internal structures of the tooth – the pulp or socket, for example – without any obvious damage to the remaining tooth enamel. This may cause the pain in the tooth to fade away, only to return days later as a sign of inflammation. In a case like this, do not delay in calling AZ Dental to set up a consultation with Dr. Ravi Aulakh.

A little oral analgesic on the surrounding gums may provide temporary relief while you wait for your appointment. Just keep in mind that while this may numb the area in the short term, it won’t heal the underlying issue.

Once Dr. Ravi Aulakh has examined and diagnosed your smile, he can offer timely treatment. If the pulp or root is indeed infected, he may need to perform a root canal. This will extract all the infected material as well as the enamel layer of the tooth. We will then restore the internal structure of the tooth to prepare it for an eventual crown.

If you are in the Sunnyvale, California area and have suffered a toothache from a dental trauma, you can call 408-738-1000 to set up an appointment as soon as possible.