Maintaining Your Temporary Crown While Waiting for Your New Crown

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Some dental restorations, such as a dental bridge or dental crown, call for protecting an anchoring abutment with a temporary crown. This is a hard plastic cap that your dentist secures in place while you wait for the corresponding dental work to be produced at AZ Dental’s dental lab.

It’s important to keep in mind that the temporary crown will not have the structural integrity to effectively restore the tooth’s ability to bite, grind or chew. If a temporary crown comes loose, falls out, or is otherwise damaged it could lead to serious complications.

If possible, you should avoid chewing gum or eating sticky foods on that side of your mouth. The suction can potentially pull a temporary crown loose from the abutment. Biting down on hard foods, crunching ice, or nibbling on pencils and pens, could also damage the temporary crown.

You should also brush the temporary crown twice each day and floss the gumline with waxed dental floss at least once each day. Maintaining good periodontal health will help the dental crown to seat comfortably in place. If you are in the Sunnyvale, California, area and you are having a problem with a temporary crown, you can call 408-738-1000 to seek treatment at AZ Dental.